Monday, 3 June 2013


1st June
Welcome to the start of JUNE HOLIDAYS!! Well... Not really cos i went back to school to help with our school open house! So my job was to promote my CCA-Wushu.
Wushu is a type of ancient Chinese martial art. Well go to wiki to find out more.

The kind is not rewarded-好心没好报
I proved this point guys. I was promoting my sport near a floorball court. I didn't expect a slapshot by a floorball!  How painful that was! I complained to my friends, teachers or anyone I know and blah blah blah, you know what i mean. I wasn't expecting a reward... but just a day without punishments.

After the open house, my family went to Hasang i think. It was a Korean buffet restaurant. I lurrrrrrved the kimchi! So nice~ I ate so much instant noodles too! I went home and lepak after that

2nd June
Went for tuition that day... This guy from my tuition so irritating! The teacher showed us a video with this boy (The guy in the vid does not look like me. AT ALL!) whom the irritating guy said looked like me. He was like, "look like you leh! Really leh!". I GET YOUR POINT! YOU DON'T HAVE TO REPEAT! I didn't say that of course but those words threatened to explode from my mouth.

Had dinner at a coffee shop. The kang kong was superb! Well quite a lot of food so i'm not listing them out!

3rd June
Just did some vocabulary exercises. Other than that nothing much. Just lepak lor. Also nothing to do... Haha...

9th June-14th June
During these days I went to my aunt's house. I went to visit my beloved dog brother! Haha he was a dog my family bought when I was young. We had a rough start but now we are like brothers! Like my family always say when I stop them from punishing the poor pooch when he did something wrong, "He is your brother of course you help him mah!" and vice-versa when the adorable dog barks at the person who is punishing me! Those days are hardwired into my brain, no matter what, it cannot be erased. I watched star-wars in this week, I wondered if I was a Jedi Knight! Wow, then i could strangle people with the force! Hahaha!

14th June-21st June
I went to my Mum's house in this week. We made korean pancakes! We don't speak nor read Korean so we had to use what my Mum calls 'agarism'[Read as "ah-gar-is-em"] Which is guessing. Based in my past experience with pancakes, we used normal cups to measure the amount of each ingredient used. Well the pancakes were delicious! We made a pancake in the shape of Mickey-Mouse. My Mum liked it a lot, so she ate it. Haha...

21st June
Went back home! Didn't do much though. So nothing here!

28th June
Went to universal studios! So awesomely fun! BTW there is a new ride there! It's called Sesame Spaghetti Space Chase! Haha! It was a children's ride but I took it anyway! #YOLO Not much fun but worth taking a ride in! We had express tickets too so we didn't have to queue. Well my legs hurt but so does the turkey's leg! We bought three turkey legs! They were so delicious! Turkey is a tough meat to bite but they made it so succulent, juicy and tender! I should make a food blog haha! Then we ate at Gloria's snack shack. They sold japanese food! All I can say is, "OYISHI!!!" The chicken yakitori was so delicious, I almost wanted to get another set! But I'm not sure about their donuts though.. They looked fat-soaked. Then one little boy went to the Treasure Hunters ride at Ancient Egypt and asked to attendant at the entrance, "Oi, This ride scary or not?!" I was like "Cant you see for your self? Its an outdoor ride!" Well it's in my mind though, the female attendant smiled and said, "No, Not scary! =)"
Haha she was so nice to an impatient boy who kept poking her haha! So nice!

Thats about it for June, stay tuned for December holidays!