Sunday, 23 December 2012

About me

Hello fellow schoolmates from SST, I'm Albern Ong Seng Long. You may call me AO or Albern or anything you want. Just don't make fun of my name alright? Some of my hobbies are watching youtube, swimming, sleeping... and annoying people! I enjoy swimming and i used to play table tennis which i enjoyed too. My favourite pastime is watching youtube! My personality is a very sensitive subject to me so i will try keep it short. I enjoy talking to people so i am very noisy sometimes and I'm very sensitive. I'm also extremely annoying sometimes too. I'm quite short tempered so beware classmates! When i see people arguing or fighting, i tend to ask what happened between them, thinking i can resolve their problems. I also hate to be screamed at. I also tend to worry and cry over minor things, so please don't make me worry!

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